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Professional Power Point Installation in Tweed Heads

Install, upgrade, or replace the sockets on your property with our reliable power point installation services. Call us now for tailored services!

Expect Swift and Effective Power Point Installation at Fully Electric!

Fully Electric understands the importance of power points in delivering electricity to run everything in a home or property. That’s why, as a leading electrician in Tweed Heads, we are committed to securely installing the power points while ensuring correct wiring and proper alignment. With our services, we will ensure that you have uninterrupted access to power for your appliances and devices.

Our Safety Standards

No matter the scale of the project, we always put your safety and comfort above everything. We achieve this with our licensed and insured electricians who are trained regularly. We use quality materials, carry out risk assessments, and implement safe work practices. Besides all these, we also follow all necessary Australian electrical codes and standards throughout the installation.

How We Work

Initial Consultation

We discuss your needs, requirements, and issues during the initial consultation. This helps us cater to you with a tailored installation plan.

Assessment & Planning

After the initial consultation, our licensed electrician comes to your home or office to analyse potential hazards. We will then arrange the installation for maximum safety and efficiency.

Tailored Services

We understand that every project is different, and so should be the solution. Based on your needs, we recommend the best power points for a bespoke solution with a clear estimate.

Efficient Installation

Finally, our certified electricians use cutting-edge equipment to get your new power points up and running with minimal downtime. We also work quickly to minimise inconvenience while providing a safe installation.

Our Comprehensive Service Types

Residential Electrical Services


From installing a new socket to replacing an old one, we serve every house in Tweed Heads with efficient and quick power point installation. Our thorough residential services are centred on developing a functional and visually appealing layout. We upgrade the existing single to double powerpoints, add USB charging options, and use discrete cable management methods to reduce visual clutter.


We understand that businesses require power points to support a wide range of equipment ranging from computers to special machinery. To meet these requirements, we conduct a thorough assessment of your power requirements and provide ways to prevent circuit overload. Our commercial power point installation services prioritise both safety and efficiency.

Why Choose Us?

Licensed And Accredited

At Fully Electric, we have a team of licensed and skilled electricians with years of experience and proficiency in handling the latest equipment and technology.

Premium Power Points

To ensure maximum safety and functionality, we offer a range of high-quality powerpoints. Choose from modern designs, weatherproof alternatives, and USB charging ports.

Affordable and Transparent

Our power point installation services are both affordable and upfront with no hidden charges. You pay only what you have agreed upon.

Emergency Assistance

For all power point emergencies, our responsive team is fully equipped to ensure timely and efficient service. We will restore your power swiftly and safely.

Quality Workmanship

Our electricians employ cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure your new power points are properly installed. They will continue to perform flawlessly for many years.

Neat And Tidy

We recognise the importance of keeping your home or workplace clean and neat. We'll leave your workspace neat, with simply the extra usefulness of your new power points to show for it.

Benefits of Installing New Power Points

Increased Security, Safety, and Convenience

Modern power points include built-in safety features that create a more secure environment for electrical connections, lowering the danger of accidents. It offers a safe way to power up all your devices, appliances, and equipment.

Reduce Fire Risks

Installing or upgrading the power point eliminates the overloaded circuits and obsolete outlets, which can cause fires. The new power points distribute the electrical load evenly and provide correct grounding.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Power points that include switches optimise power usage and perhaps cut electricity bills. By having outlets conveniently positioned near where you need power, you can avoid the use of extension cords and the accompanying energy loss.

Improve Aesthetics and Value

New power points allow you to match them with your decor. A well-equipped property with appropriate power points can boost both value and aesthetics. Strategically positioned power points also provide simple access to electricity for all of your devices, increasing convenience and comfort.

What Our Power Point Installation Service Covers


Installing Power Points

Switch Board Upgrades | Fully Electric

Repairing Power Points

USB Power Outlets | Fully Electric

Upgrade Power Points


Double Power Point

socket (1)

Power Point with Extra Switch

socket (2)

USB Power Point


Smart Powerpoint


Weatherproof Power Point


Safety switches

socket (2)

Desk power points

Home Rewiring | Fully Electric

Pop up Power Points


Slimline Power Points

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From residential to commercial and weatherproof to USB sockets, we can assist you with all of your power point needs. We are also the nearest and most trusted electrician near you, always there to serve you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Power points, also known as sockets or power outlets, can be installed throughout your home or office.
You will require a new power point if you lack outlets, have outdated ones, want to add appliances, value safety, want greater functionality, or are setting up a corporate workspace.
That burning odour near the power outlets could indicate that you have some house wiring troubles or a malfunctioning powerpoint. A lack of attention can escalate a simple problem into an electrical fire that demands costly repairs. We strongly advise you to call professionals.
The accurate cost of your powerpoint installation will be determined by the number of new outlets needed, the type of outlets required, and the installation location’s accessibility. However, we provide free consultations to discuss your exact requirements and provide a transparent quotation up front.
The installation time for new powerpoints varies according to the job complexity. A simple installation of one or two outlets may take less than an hour, whereas a more complex operation requiring several outlets or additional wiring may take longer. During our free consultation, we will present you with an approximate timeframe.

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